International recording artist Zoe Scott began her career in the entertainment world starring in stage productions and films before travelling to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, particularly Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

But 2020 is the year that Scott releases her Bossa Nova debut album ‘Shades Of Love’ with fresh arrangements, a classic instrumentation approach and most importantly a sheer passion for the genre. 

The album’s first single and opening track is the powerful ‘Quiet Nights’ which is an original composition by Bossa Nova originator Antonio Carlos Jobim and is something of a homage not only to Jobim but the genre itself. The lush piano is performed by Jobim’s grandson Daniel Jobim as her smooth lead vocal adds to the sultry atmosphere as she croons “This is where I want to be, here with you close to me”.

The track was produced by Moogie Canazio who is known for his all-analog recording style and he was able to her ‘feel’ her way into the silky, hushed vocal attributes. It is a combination of Scott’s sense of vulnerability united with Canazio’s production skills and first-class musicianship that ‘Quiet Nights’ is the powerful song presented to the listener. Watson herself even admitted “I cried when I heard it mixed.” 

In conclusion, Zoe Scott has stepped out of her comfort zone with this record and lead single but because she is not trying to be something she’s not, both her love of Bossa Nova and desire to do the material justice shines through to put a new spin on a beloved sound.