We’d not had a decent slice of high-quality dinner jazz since, ooh, Norah Jones? But when Zoe Scott dropped her album Shades of Love, a slinky, sultry, jazzy number with the retro mamba sound of a glory-days Bebel Gilberto, we knew it was going to rival that dinner you’re rustling up. ‘Quiet Nights’, the lead single, was an ode to not only those slick Brazilian vibes but its video was a nod to Zoe’s love and appreciation of dance. 


And it’s that love that has inspired her new, globe-trotting campaign, Dance The Wave Of Love – Zoe’s way of doing something positive for the world’s entertainers, who she’s very conscious are suffering more than most during these brutal times. 


It’s a simple, yet genius idea. We – that’d be you – sponsor an intimate, socially-distanced performance in one of your special places, and Zoe does the rest. Boom, right? So pick your place, dedicate it to someone special – or not, we won’t judge – sit back, relax, and wait for the magic. Zoe and her team will find the dancers, choreographers, videographers, put the whole lovely thing together then you’ve got a beautiful video for the rest of time that will also get its own cameo on Zoe’s ongoing ‘Dance The Wave Of Love’ video. 


It’s like a never-ending, lockdown-breaking tour of the globe, hopping from London through Malaga and Rome to Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Buenos Aires, roping in some of the best dancers from these locations to Dance The Wave Of Love. One that’s helping spread the love among artists who have been hit hard by the pandemic. It’s also a pretty gorgeous Christmas present for someone. Just sayin’. 








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