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Photo by Michael Cardiello / Design by Jon Cardiello.


I spent most of my twenties processing my dad’s death – thinking, writing and singing about it.


 In some ways, I feel like I processed it so fully that I grew a thick callus around the part of the loss that was very raw and fragile. At times I’ve resented the tough skin which was necessary to get through that hard time.


I wrote “Requiem” on the plane ride home to Montana to mark the 10 year anniversary of his death.

 It felt like a significant milestone, and I was curious to see how my grief would change.


Our debut full-length, Sensations in Two Dot, focuses on moments of doubt – creative, societal, and personal – exploring what it means to hold compassion through the multifaceted grey areas of life. Whether in the isolated town of Two Dot, Montana (pop. 143) or the buzzing streets of Toronto (pop. 2.6 million), these nine songs probe the complex, unsettling similarities found in the human experience.


Sensations in Two Dot is set for release on November 22nd

We’re currently consumed with plans for a collaborative album release show on November 18th at Toronto’s Array Space where nine choreographer/dancers will interpret each track.


We’d love to see you out there if you’re in the area! Thanks for listening.



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 Photo by Jenna Ledger / Makeup by Samantha Couture.