Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a road trip with the most beautiful view of nature to your right and the wind blowing on your face.

That’s the feeling one gets when listening to Ziggy Alberts’ latest album, searching 

for freedom.


Alberts grew up in Australia, more specifically the Sunshine Coast, and had prospects of being a dentist but, luckily for us, his natural talent as a musician and songwriter prevailed and he went on to do what he was always meant to – bring joy to others through beautiful sounds and poetry. With an immaculate track record, AIRA Awards on his back, Top Charted Albums and millions of monthly listeners, Alberts returns with a new album release entitled searching for freedom, and it is as good as it gets.


The track ‘circus’ takes you in an emotional journey, with a lot of feelings and meanings attached to it. The lyrics are incredibly powerful, challenging and provoke a deep reflection within the listener. The Australian singer recites the purest form of poetry when singing ‘Then you came / Sat on my lap held a blade against my throat / You could cut me I didn’t mind to bleed at all’’, which is a piece of genius and when combined to the soft sound of his acoustic guitar, has the power to take you into absolute bliss despite its deep melancholy. 


Ziggy Alberts has provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at creating this masterpiece in the ‘making of circus’ video. The creative insights of Ziggy and his team can be seen as well as visuals surrounding the themes of the song as well – it’s a beautiful depiction of an artist hard at work.



As Alberts’ puts it himself, ‘searching for freedom is a journey, both literally and spiritually’. And he couldn’t be more spot on. Go back to the article’s title and picture yourself in that place, that state of mind – that’s Ziggy Alberts’ effect on people.