Chinese born and Los Angeles-based indie artist Yutao releases a new single, “Sensation”. 

When Yutao first arrived in the United States ten years ago, he aimed to stay true to his tradition and mix his Eastern heritage with Western culture. But as time went on, the two ideals became merged into his own eclectic mix of music. 

“Sensation” is an emotive track about lost love, frustration and longing to belong. A song about what it is like to live abroad in a country that is not your country, but which perhaps feels more like home. Where your own country no longer feels like your true identity. 

Yutao is fascinated by Western culture, and really feels he found a home creating music in the United States: 

“I live and create in a limbo state … both Eastern and Western perspectives have shaped me, and, while I see the value in both outlooks, I feel a dissonance inside. If I draw a circle between East and West, I live in the center, but, through creating music, I have found a home.” 

“Sensation”, then, is more than just an electro pop bedroom lofi single. It is a vocal rich song that captures the essence of mixed identities and feeling home in a country you were not born in. 

There is also an air of romance and love that is refreshing for this genre. 

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