“Dopamine” is the new indie pop track by Lauren Waller and is the beginning to a bad love story. With sonically entrancing production and captivating vocals, the song is an ode to falling in love too fast. Evocative and haunting, Dopamine manages to simultaneously echo the rush of new love and yet warn of the impending danger we blissfully ignore.

The Los Angeles-based artist, Lauren Waller, bridges the divide between 1980s dark wave and modern electro-textured indie pop. Her aesthetic also encompasses the confessional and poetic intimacy of the singer-songwriter idiom and the thrilling satisfaction of modern pop. Waller’s works include two EPs, a Christmas cover song, and a collection of original singles! Her body of work include tones of mystery and edge, but also embraces the voices, accepts lost love, and playfully toys with the object of her affections. Waller has opened for many iconic bands such as Wilson Philips, Anna Nalick, A Flock of Seagulls, and most recently: Tower of Power.   She was set to open for KT Tunstall prior to COVID-19, but the show has since been postponed.

“I want to write stories that people truly can connect to, my favorite part of being an artist is writing lyrics and putting my own passion into them in the hopes that my feelings and emotions can be translated into what other people can connect to/reflect and see in themselves.”

She continues, “I never knew it was something I could be good at until I started writing. Fear was always holding me back from expressing myself or even attempting to write music, but once I started it just felt so right.”

Lauren expresses raw truths without feeling the need to tilt narratives in the way of happy endings. She continues to evolve as a writer, singer, and story-teller which is why we are addicted to her newest release, “Dopamine.”

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