With a love for movies and their soundtracks, Skylight Motion Picture aims to make music that moves people while making people move. Since the launch of their self-titled debut EP in 2017, they’ve continued to explore various musical genres and nostalgic influences to make each collection of songs feel different than previous releases. Their debut LP, “The Sonic Relocation and Transformational Reverberation of the Spirit,” contained over three years of material and was released in 2020.

Their follow-up album, “Music From the Film,” was released on 2/22/22. With this album, chief songwriter and producer Ezekiel James Hampton sought to pay homage to much of the ‘bedroom pop’ music that shaped him in early adulthood. Despite this being a mostly electronically-produced album, listeners can expect less 80’s-influenced synths and more orchestral instruments such as piano, glockenspiels, woodwinds, and strings. However, the formula of building on infectious hooks with rich harmonies has not changed. All lyrics to the album revolve around two themes: moving forward after being emotionally unprepared for a broken heart and spiritual evolution born out of the ashes of religious culture.

The album starts out with “Opening Titles” intro which is a montage of beautiful silhouette of music in motion and leads into “Errant Son” with large swells of movement set to a stomp clap rhythm dancing over hypnotic melodies. “Chase” is a song with rolling drums and a pop direction covered by smooth transitions sweeping into a tonic dance beat. “Captured” is representative of an 80’s track with a 90’s harmonious breathy vibe which leaves you with all the feels. “Come Up Short” takes you on a 90’s R and B journey melting you back in time clinging to the familiar rhythms. Chelsea Shaye Hughes joins them on “I Love You Always Forever” remake which is a modern spin on the beloved song that would always get stuck in your head whether you liked it or not. Thomas Brady Lee joins on two songs, “Cards on the Table” and “Self Fulfilling Prophecies and they are both by far the most modern sounding on the album brining hints of EDM in a very romanticized club space. My favorite has to be “Roll Credits” it is the most unique bringing elements of unrelated sounds and rhythms and it somehow all works! It is a brilliant story of the vast span of their talents and sounds.

Hampton also composes ambient music as Radagast The Brown and is working towards completing production for his debut hip-hop record. Other members of Skylight Motion Picture have included Lamar Engel, Jordan Shaffer, Clarrisa Puente, and Joel Quigley.

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