Having started his career as a solo artist in the 1980s, Larry Jay is a talented performer, songwriter, and guitarist. He has been on the scene for over 35 years and has given us diversity in country music. Larry has always gone ahead to release both cover and original songs. In 2015, he re-committed himself to writing music releasing 12 new songs, including visuals.

The New York native, who now resides in California, is always there to add something tasteful to his melodies each time he releases one. Because of this, Larry has achieved quite a few things, including having the number one iTunes international smash single “Wow” that featured Caeland Garner of Team Blake on The Voice. His cover songs like “Uptown Funky” have yet mashed up the airwaves on so many numerous occasions, and for this, we can say Larry Jay knows how to cover.

On May 20th, Larry Jay will release yet another one of his singles called “That Kind of Love.” In this song, Larry defines that kind of love that you wait for your whole life and drives you wild even when your hair turns grey. Such a type of love has not been very noticeable in this new age because of the new-normal divorce rate. One might think finding someone to grow old with is overrated after all; it is not for everyone. In this song, Larry Jay beats the odds and calls upon that kind of love, making people want to fall in love all over again.


Spotify: https://openspotify.com/artist/6LQmkpR1sJUY3SUxqwEUyj?si=CAbyY_OdQxKg4c3S-HkLQA

Website: https://www.larryjaymusic.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OY_KD2D_1U


–Andre Wug