Eva Sita delivers a powerful song “Joon” showcasing her multitalented charisma and charm.

Born in West Africa from an Ivorian mother and a French father, Eva Sita became a war refugee while moving to Paris at only 10 years old. A few years later, against all odds, she became the first Ivorian woman in history to graduate from Berklee College of Music.

The singer-songwriter & beat-maker pays tribute to her heritage through catchy pop music rooted in her culture yet delivering a modern sound. The musician speaks and sings in three languages and accompanies herself on just as many instruments, one including the Kora, a traditional African string instrument.

She says, “The inspiration for this track is the feeling I had for the person I was writing for at that time. When we first started dating I really thought that I had found someone special but I was too fresh out of a relationship and this guy turned out to be very different from what I thought and I really didn’t want to pursue this. So this song is about quitting a relationship with confidence in your decision and absolutely no regrets.”

Listen to “Joon” here:

This global artist won the “Golden Artistic Award” of the “International Revelation of the year of 2019” and was nominated for “the Best African Artist” at the African Talent Awards 2020 & 2021. She has made many National TV appearances in Ivory Coast. Her latest show was featured in Page 6 of the New York Post and her past work has been featured by many other household names such as the Boston Sun, E! News, E! entertainment, Life Magazine, Afrique Magazine, Vox Africa, RTI and many more. She is currently performing under residency at the Paramount Hudson Valley Theater, while teaching music for a non-profit in New York.

We have no doubts that we will see more of Eva and look forward to hearing the follow-up single to “Joon”

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