Maybe it’s the quality of his voice that’ll do it. Or the old-school soul vibes, a bit of Motown here, some Blues there, a whole load of infectious R&B all over the shop. Or the single, ‘Circles’, with a melody that won’t quick, or the delicious simplicity of the video, that lets the vocals and melody soar because that’s the kind of artist he is. Or the simple fact that Wyn Sparks is just the sort of talent the world’s been gagging for. 


Because it’s all par for the course for the boy from Minneapolis, who started getting his groove on with the gospel he sang at church, and fine-tuned it with the Motown he devoured at home, and started pricking up the ears of Americans far and wide with his 2020 EP ‘Who I Am’, the titular track making its way onto ‘American Idol’. 


And to think ‘Circles’ almost didn’t get a UK release, which is surely a matter for the police. But Wyn’s fans sorted that out, and saw to it that the ravishing ballad – already topping one million streams on Spotify and just shy of 3million views on Youtube – got to do its thing in Blighty. 


We’re talking classic soul – with an emphasis on class – that’s tapping into that retro vibe we’re all craving right now, and hallelujah to that. And we didn’t even get to say the Wyn takes it all!