Yona Marie from the DC area is currently creating an EP that will hit the music scene in 2022. As a successful session vocalist, writer, and producer that has worked on over 250 music projects for brands and musicians, Yona is heading toward the peak of her talents and ready to share them with the world with her original material.


“Take Me To The Moon” is the latest single from Yona which tells a tale of a greedy young lady looking for money and posing as someone looking for love and companionship. This song was written, produced, and sung by Yona and is one of her favorite competitions ever made.

“I’m at a turning point in my career where I want to start over from point zero,” Yona told Muzic Notez Magazine in an interview at the end of August. “I recently switched my stage name from Rachel Marie to Yona Marie in order to avoid confusion with other singers using that very common name, and now I feel like the possibilities have reset and given me the energy to start fresh in so many ways.”

Yona’s EP will focus on the many different styles that can be paired with R&B, from EDM to Jazz, throwing in some Classical styles, and even giving a taste of Bosa Nova.

“Take Me To The Moon” is available for streaming and purchase on all major music sites. For more details on Yona’s upcoming projects, visit yonamariemusic.com.