Filled to the brim with ambient vocals, hypnotizing harmonies and a plethora of enchanting guitar melodies, Yew Haiku’s debut EP, ‘Psy and Cygnet’, is any bedroom indie-pop junkie’s dream.  The three song EP, released May 1st, contains themes of isolation, frustration, and pain. Drawing on the historic events of Covid 19 and the way that this past year has affected daily life, Yew Haiku speaks for the masses when she laments on love, consumerism, and screen-addiction. Having partnered up with the indie producer, Brian Squillance, Yew Haiku aims to create a sound that is equal parts vocals and storytelling as it is euphoric rhythm.  We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


Listen to ‘Psy and Cygnet’ here: