Vancouver’s Winona Forever combine spicy rock riffs and arts and crafts rhythms to create delicious, ready-to-listen pop songs. Since 2015 the band has been releasing music that embraces the warm and free spirited leanings of home recording, producing a sound that is equal parts fresh and timeless. With the release of the track “Keep Kool,” Winona Forever stumbled into an international following that propelled the band into new dimensions.

Their warm and playful new single “Never Enuff” aims to capture that warm, fuzzy feeling that follows you into the next day after spending time with someone you love.

Never Enuff was written by Ben during a daily songwriting experiment. At the time, the band was listening to lots of 70’s pop music, switching up instruments a bit and writing piano parts for the first time. The inspiration is basically 70’s pop songwriting, that leans on the warm bark of a Wurlitzer.