Wingman’s latest single “Crash Land” has been released, paired with a very interesting music video that depicts the artist’s actual experience being caught up in an aircraft crash landing.

LA-Based electronic rap artist Wingman has always been a fascinating performer to keep track of. His music is comprised of very fun and catchy jams, but a big part of what makes him exciting are his aviation exploits.

For those who are unaware, Wingman pilots a small, yellow, helicopter-like aircraft called a gyrocopter, and it’s a big part of his character. It’s also the source of inspiration for his latest song “Crash Land”. The story goes that the artist and his cameraman Matt Trainor were out in the gyrocopter to film a video for a different song before crash landing and needing to walk for hours searching for help.

While a tumultuous experience like this would usually just be a cause of distress for people, Wingman took this experience and the video footage they recorded during the ordeal and turned it into a new single complete with music video. On top of that, it’s a pretty good one too.

The song itself is very good, as it takes you through the thought process of Wingman during the crash and aftermath. Lines like “but I may not make it out or make it back again” run us through the uncertainty of the situation, as well as the hubris that’s been gained from the experience.

Despite that however, it’s the combination of the song and the video that truly elevates things. The video shows us Wingman flying around in his gyrocopter searching for a place to film before crashing and needing to find help. The picturesque shots are all paired with the surprisingly fitting upbeat music, which lead to some truly beautiful moments.

It all culminates in a nice metaphor of not giving up despite what struggles one might face, which is a pretty fitting lesson to think about in the current landscape. It’s truly amazing how Wingman managed to turn around what could have been a terrible situation for everyone into a positive and productive experience.

Overall, we loved the song and the video for “Crash Land”, it’s an extremely creative idea and a catchy song tied to a message that the world needs. We’re eager to see what else Wingman has in store, though hopefully next time it will involve less danger.