Music DIY can be frustrating and tiring. Whether you are an indie label, manager, DIY artist or, like most of us, wear many hats, you often need help – qualified help – to do tasks ranging from creating a tour poster to mastering a track or launching an entire record release campaign. Enter, to help you build a project based indie music team.

By Bill Wilson, co-founder of

Hello, I’m Bill Wilson, one of the founders of On behalf of my co-founders Gus Mavromoustakos and Laurens Kusters, we’d like to introduce you to and this special series for Hypebot.

Laurens and I cut our teeth (and lost some) starting and running two independent rock labels, I Scream Records and Blackout! Records respectively. We’ve also done most of the crappy jobs in the music business — working for various record companies, publishers, industry organizations, and managing touring bands over the last 20+ years. Back in that analog era, we relied on community resources like MaximumRockNRoll’s “Book Your Own F@#$%&g Life” and on word of mouth to find people to help us and our bands. Sometimes they worked out, and frequently, they didn’t.

music NinjaWhat Do Indie.Ninja’s Do?

Ironically enough, the advent of the internet didn’t simplify the job of being an artist. The number of thankless invisible jobs that need to be done to build a career in music has increased exponentially. In addition to the mainstays of publicity and promotion, there’s now playlisting, managing social media platforms, delivering content to digital services, managing a crowdfunding campaign, creating web videos, and even managing… metadata!?

One day, Laurens stopped by my workspace at NY’sGeneral Assembly, and our impromptu hang turned into a lengthy dialog about how artists and labels get things done in the business, and how, after so many years, it was still incredibly hard to find quality contractors — especially when starting out or in new territories. There were platforms for funding but none to find and hire no-bullshit consultants, designers, promotions, marketing, and road crew.

We decided that day we should build it. No funding. No safety net. After kissing a few frogs, we found Gus, our technical co-founder and head of product, who quit his day job to build version 1.0 with us over the course of a few months. We also enlisted our old friend, Ray Canapini, our UI designer who put together a fresh look for us.

We also decided that, unlike all the startups we’ve witnessed fly too close to the sun, we weren’t even going talk about it until it was built. So, in true ninja fashion, we built the product in stealth and launched into private beta in June of 2017 at A2IM’s Indie Week, and even got a bit of love from our friends over at Billboard.

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