Kris James, formerly known as the lead singer of Liverpudlian band The Scheme, has struck out as a solo artist this year – and enjoyed overwhelming success.


His first three solo singles, ‘Eyes Open’, ‘I’ll Be Here’ and ‘Anymore’, all broke into the top forty. And it’s looking like the latest release, the “disco love song”, ‘Get Back to Love’ will not be breaking his streak any time soon. 


In Kris’ own words, the track is “an upbeat love song about finding your absolutely true love… I thought after a while of writing deep and meaningful tracks it was time to drop a fun and funky disco love song.” Kris James certainly achieves that with this latest release – I defy you not to start dancing as the heavy disco-funk beats kick in and the song is kicked into full-on party mode. But that’s not all. 


To celebrate the success of this latest single, Kris James and his team have also managed to turn one of his childhood dreams into a reality. That’s right, dreams really do come true and Kris’ face really is plastered up in none other than Times Square – for all the world to see.


Speaking about this career milestone on his socials, James says that “as a little boy growing up I always used to look up to the Times Square Billboards hoping that one day my music might be up there! Today that dream came true!!! Don’t give up on your dreams guys.”


Inspirational yet humble messages such as this one are at the core of who Kris James is. Never forgetting where he has come from, James aims to use his music to spread messages about healthy relationships, revelling in the glory of love and spreading positivity, as we can see in his fun-filled music video for this upbeat track. 


So what’s next for this recent Times Square sensation? Well, with heavy hints circulating about upcoming releases – did someone say debut album…? – in 2020, Kris James is definitely one to watch!