WeGet Music, an emerging and innovative music streaming and discovery platform that will enable consumers to identify and connect with new independent artists, is partnering with Medadyn to be on its cryptocurrency platform.

WeGet Music will partner with Medadyn to finance the project through the Medadyn token, as well as integrate the utility token into its platform for artist, label, producer and publisher royalty distribution, consumer payments and the creation of a rewards system. WeGet Music has over 300,000 tracks created by independent artists from 78 countries around the world. The current roster of more than 16,000 independent artists have direct access to 16M plus music fans globally. While the consumer interface is currently in development, the search engine that powers WeGet Music’s platform is already used by nearly every major film and television company for discovering and licensing indie music. The WeGet Music platform and artists will also be integrated and promoted across Reedeux Media’s CONNEXT infrastructure, the parent company of Medadyn.

“We’re excited to join the Medadyn platform in addition to working with Reedeux Media,” said Mr. Barry Coffing, WeGet Music’s CEO and Founder. “Medadyn’s financing structure will provide our company with the growth capital needed to realize our tremendous potential. Additionally, Medadyn’s utility token will allow us to create innovative services for our customers, artists and partners.”

“WeGet Music is an unparalleled project in the music industry,” said Mr. Federico Pacquing, Medadyn’s CEO. “We’re excited to provide accredited investors across the globe access to this ground-breaking company. With a built in existing user base, from a revenue and market penetration perspective the growth potential of WeGet Music is substantial.”

“This relationship is a perfect example of the Medadyn platform’s flexible usage,” said Ms. Monique Roy, Medadyn’s SVP of Business Development. “On the one hand, WeGet Music is integrating the Medadyn utility token into its infrastructure, using blockchain to better automate its business. On the other, it will be using the Medadyn token to finance its core business through SEC-compliant securities that leverage the cryptocurrency.”

About WeGet Music
WeGet Music is an independent music discovery platform that solves the problem facing most streaming platforms with tens of millions of songs but no effective search function. By focusing on the independent music market, which comprises over thirty five percent of the music industry, the platform rewards everyone in the value chain from the musicians to the fans. The state-of-the-art search engine driving the platform allows for rapid search through 1,500+ genres, by mood, by instrument, or other criteria, allowing for enhanced music discovery. With easy-to-use tools fans can save music to their personal collections, share with friends and create playlists of their new favorite artists.

About Medadyn
Medadyn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reedeux Media, Inc., is a new, revolutionary utility token specifically designed for use in the media and entertainment industry. The Medadyn utility token’s initial use is to provide accredited investors and financial institutions a way to seamlessly finance media projects and broadly market these projects globally. This automation of “asset-backed lending” provides a powerful tool for entertainment, providing new ways to launch projects into the market. In future months, Medadyn’s utility token will be used within the Reedeux platform for purchases of products within television programs, business-to-business transactions between producers and merchandising manufacturers, and even peer-to-peer transactions. For more information, please visit or contact