Instead of submerging into the crippling times of the current day, the sought-after answers can often be found in music. Artists like the Irtish-American formation We Are Messengers make an effort to uplift and spread the message that ‘better days are coming.’

The newest We Are Messengers offering ‘Come What May’ surfaces at a much-needed moment of global despair. The K-LOVE Award winners
with a frontman, Darren Mulligan, continue to deliver life-changing lyrics and arena-ready hooks that confirm faith beats all.

Darren speaks on the inspiration behind the hopeful track: “‘Come What May’ is a song that not only acknowledges this reality but revels in the fact that we have a God that loves us and is worthy of our faith, hope, and trust no matter what circumstances we are facing. It’s a celebration of freedom of not having to fabricate a false reality to ourselves and those around us.”

We Are Messengers are much more than five men who musically complement each other. The band’s ethos is translated into records that accumulate over 185 million on-demand streams that have the means to reach their fans on a global scale.