We Are Messengers are back on the road. The Irish-American band just finished up the first week of their US tour, having performed their third full-length album, ‘Wholehearted,’ for the first time.

Even during global isolation, We Are Messengers kept spreading joy and affecting people’s lives. With the release of ‘Wholehearted,’ the band unveiled the K-LOVE Fan Award-winning current radio single ‘Come What May,’ which made a substantial contribution to their overall 350 million streams.

‘Wholehearted’ features other influential tracks like ‘God You Are,’ Friend Of Sinners,’ ‘Million Miles Away,’ and ‘Now It’s Your Turn.’ All of these are created to help you forget your troubles, focus on the moment, and fix what’s broken. Frontman’s Darren Mulligan powerful vocals will carry you through the darkest turns and remind you that the world is your oyster and will get better sooner than you think.

He talks about the creative process behind ‘Wholehearted’: “Like most artists, our world kinda fell apart when touring got shut down. So we did what every good songwriter should do, we catalogued every feeling imaginable and tried to make sense of a strange new world. We danced in the darkness, wrestled with doubt, reconnected with God in a really authentic way, and found the beauty in the forced simplicity of our lives,”