Strangeris Ben Kunder really letting go. 

It’s about exploration, nostalgia, searching for something greater and deeper than anything you’ve known. 

The stranger, from his upcoming album Searching For The Stranger,  is the unknown, the different, the fight, the human connection we long for but haven’t yet experienced. The strange and weird that exists inside of us, the genetic makeup that we tend to hide but makes us who we are. 

That’s how Ben discovered his voice on this record – by digging deep and really listening to the weird and unconventional that makes him unique. Ben has always been a bit of an outsider and the more he accepts that, the more he grows.  

He would listen back to the song and have visions of standing in a trench coat holding a boombox above his head. The visuals for “Stranger” were filmed alongside director Christopher Mills on the eve of the pandemic throughout Toronto, inspired by ’80s brat pack movies.

Stranger feels like an escape to the present. Like you’re dreaming of being in this different world that feels euphoric, and you are there – just open your eyes.