Dear Daria is a “choose your own adventure” pop rock band, blending elements of power pop, indie rock, and pop punk. This four-piece act makes hooky, melodic, occasionally genre-bending pop-rock music seasoned with a dash of 90s nostalgia. They’ve been compared to Paramore, Rilo Kiley, and The Donnas. When DC pop-rock mainstay and Beatles fanatic, Maryjo Mattea, assembled a solo band after the demise of her last project, she had no idea the motley assortment would become her ideal band. The quartet coalesced as the indie pop-rock band, Dear Daria—yes, as in the 1990s MTV animated series, Daria—and now emerges with its infectiously catchy debut, Can I Be Frank?

“We love how cynical, snarky, and smart the character Daria was; her spirit resonates with us,” vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist Maryjo says. “There’s a sincerity, a sweetness, and a silliness in 1980s and 1990s pop culture that we tap into as songwriters,” bassist Eamonn Donnelly details. Adds guitarist Josh Hunter: “We strive for a balance with being nostalgic, but also saying something genuine with our songs.”

Dear Daria just released their new pop-rock single, “Delaware,” bringing sounds of nostalgia, reminiscent of Green Day, Paramore, and P!nk. It’s upbeat, catchy, and melodic. It takes hold of your mind and body, almost allowing yourself to relinquish control to the song and just sing and dance along. The story behind the song is just as fun and upbeat as the song itself. Maryjo and Josh are both huge Wayne’s World fans, so much so that when they would drive through the state to get to New York, when they were on tour as the band Color Palette, one of them would say “Or, you could be magically whisked away to….Delaware…” and the other would reply, “Hi…I’m in…Delaware…” When Dear Daria started traveling together in 2020/2021, someone said “you should make a song out of that.” From there, Maryjo’s brain started churning and creating, already having a clear direction.

“The actual song took shape very quickly from there,” shares Maryjo. “We borrow various one-liners and quotes from the movie, but tried to incorporate them in a way that told a story rather than being random. The story is about a couple that has fallen into a rut. One partner is reflecting on all the good times of the past and seems committed to making it work.”

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