Written by: Melanie Gomez

Art rocker von Konow is an artist from Finland who recently released his newest eleven track album titled Lieder.

The album is a story of Konow’s journey, all through music. “When I started to plan the concept of the album I came up with the idea of completely liberating myself from the traditional form of a rock band. This allowed me to broaden the sound and to expand the boundaries of storytelling by sheer music,” said Konow.

When listening to Konow’s music you can tell he goes for a different style and vibe, similar to the way the legendary David Bowie did.  Combining progressive rock and 1980’s synth pop with orchestral instrumentation, we can’t help but notice Konow’s presence.

“Cosmic” is the first single and music video off of Lieder. Listening to the track, it seems to be about a woman that he finds cosmic, or in other words, an immeasurable masterpiece.  With lyrics like, “Cosmic girl you rule my world,” and “you show me the way,” you can tell Konow truly admires the woman. But not everything lasts forever. The song also tells a story of how short, yet intimate encounters can be heartbreaking. Despite how much he cares for the woman; he can’t have her.

Check out the video for “Cosmic” HERE.
von Konow
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