We could all use a bit of a boogie these days, couldn’t we? The world’s a tough place right now and I’m sure dancing round our bedrooms has been something of a lifesaver for many of us. So let’s add one more album to the playlist – here’s Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter VISSIA and her sophomore album With Pleasure.


An album which prides itself on capturing the miniscule moments of monotonous everyday life and turning them to gold, With Pleasure is a near-perfect exploration of gratitude and mindfulness. VISSIA shows herself to be a really astute lyricist, but more than that, she shows herself to be a curious observer, with a childlike wide-eyed view of the world and all the mysteries it holds. With Pleasure reads like a diary entry from not exactly an old soul, but a young one – looking at the world with wonder and fresh eyes as if for the first time.


Essential tracks: The Cliffs, About Moving On, My Wom

Rating: 4.5 stars