“It wasn’t until a couple of months later that I realized that the song I’d just written shared the same sentiment as a beloved Ram Dass quote; we’re all just walking each other home,” says alt-pop newcomer Vissia. Never one to ignore signs such as this, Vissia has imbued this track with a sense of purpose, of arriving at contentment within herself and her music. 


With the sort of emotion and dedication usually reserved for artists such as Adele, Vissia blasts onto the scene with ‘Walk Me Home’, a song about finding strength in allowing herself to be vulnerable, a song which turns asking for help into empowerment. It shows off her talents as a songwriter and as a singer, her vocals strong, clear and impressive as anything on the charts right now.


Both track and video have a personal, intimate feel to them, endearingly DIY in approach and only serve to add to the honesty of the song. It’s a remarkable feat from this exciting new artist, someone who should certainly be making it onto any Ones To Watch lists for the upcoming year.


Watch the video below: