‘Margaritas’ ushers in the warmer months like no other, a tropical concoction of electronic beats, floaty chords and a lush vocal performance to die for.

From an accomplished cover artist to an eclectic, multi-linguistic, and buoyant singer-songwriter, Vishaal Ganesh has been building up his repertoire as a musician connecting with hearts and minds across the globe.

His latest, titled ‘Margaritas’ is no exception. Releasing independently and produced by Ganesh himself, the track is being released worldwide on 8th July, 2022.

The track is a feel-good, tropical offering that encapsulates the beauty of summer in just over three minutes. It’s brilliantly curated, easy-listening pop music, and a track that’s sure to cement itself in everyone’s summertime playlists through the golden sunlit months.

Traversing the feelings of yearning for a holiday, impulsiveness, and the holiday blues, the track’s songwriting sits in perfect harmony with tropical sounds and soothing vocals that are synonymous with the track. Optimistic with a tongue-in-cheek dash of cynicism, ‘Margaritas’ sees the artist put his vivid storytelling on display for all to see.

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