It’s safe to say that in a very short space of time, generational Ari Abdul has gone global. Millions upon millions of streams and listeners since her debut single ‘BABYDOLL’ earlier this year, the Slumbo Labs/RCA Records starlet has made quite the impression with her modern and brooding brand of alt pop that goes that little bit darker.

Her debut EP ‘Fallen Angel’ is now finally out in the world, and it is 6 tracks of pure alt-pop brilliance from the 20-year-old. It includes the iconic debut aforementioned, plus new ethereal pop track ‘STAY’ that has so much to love about it, and the ever alluring ‘TASTE’ which seems ti perfectly capture Ari’s atmospheric and building sound that has appeased so many. The TikTok star has shown how you can seamlessly go from one platform to the other with even bigger success and acclaim, and it’s sage to say that Ari Abdul doesn’t have much further to go until greatness.


Ari says “You have like these nice, lovely, innocent sounding songs. And by the end of the EP, the songs get really distorted and heavier, and the lyrics get darker. Maybe there’ll be an emotion or a little something that happens in my life in a song, but the EP is completely storytelling. We keep pretty melodies, but still have production and lyrics that completely contradict those pretty melodies.”