Vince Vanguard, the alt-rock and americana singer/songwriter, was once prosperous in the industry, owning a recording studio and his own production company, but became a casualty of the overindulgent lifestyle the paints over many. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Vince is back with his debut solo album, Spirit Blues, to be released later this year. 

His songwriting and artistic expression is nothing but honest, with his music ripe with personal revelations and hard truths. His first single release is an example of his fine songcraft and poeticism. “Levon Jackson,” released today, is a blues-rock song with  a Grateful Dead and Tedeschi Trucks Band feeling with a 90’s alt-rock feel.

“Levon Jackon” draws from history to tell a story using allegory and metaphor as told by the fictional character of Levon Jackson. The burning imagery and war scenes all encapsulate the theme of relationship, whether that be a relationship with a lover, a friend, an object, an idea, and so on. The metaphor of fire and burning in each verse represents change. He sings “I’m my own worst enemy/Just a fool trying to play it cool/I’m Levon Jackson/Burning in a house that I made of wood”

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