Versal embraces a lovely mixture of the old and new with the timeless sound of “Versal Volume 2”. A Byzantine series of patterns filters into the sound, maintaining a distinct balance. Electronic, ambient, and new-age work together to create this fantastic ecosystem. The elements intermingle to craft something that feels so serene. Rolling through at its own pace, there is a dignity to the sound itself, one that remains rather classic.

Absolutely beautiful, “Simply” keeps things to the absolute essentials. Quite gorgeous “Your Eyes” features a majesty about it. Soft pads help make sure that the song gives it that sense of life. Funky to its core, “Stages” has a solidness to it, one that has a bit of fantastic color. Nearly physical the piece has a celebratory, party attitude to it. The song swings on through without a care in the world. Surreal “Kind of Pink” features a cinematic quality. With a theatrical aspect to it, the song evolves on through. Fanfare punctuates the entirety of “The Guardians of Montserrat,” giving it some much-needed stabs of emotion. Easily the album’s highlight results from “Vivi Aquas Montserrate,” for there is a giganticness to it, anthemic to its very heart. For the final bit of the album, things close on the soothing “Departed.”

The narrative of the sound feels serene, for Versal delivers a unique form of mysticism with “Versal Volume 2”.

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