“Gone & Rollin’” is the new single released from the young quartet Vela Rosa, taken from their new album “Run in Colour.”

With a lilting guitar intro, and winding, melancholic vocal melodies, this song starts slightly wistful and then bursts into chorus and punchy riffs. Gone & Rollin’ is another fine example of this vintage rock and roll sound that Vela Rosa have created.


You could mistake Vela Rosa’s sound for that of an early 90’s rock band, or even earlier perhaps, with their new wave of rock reminiscent of the late Jimi Hendrix, or even the Rolling Stones perhaps. This Edmonton based quartet is made up of Wyatt Clark (lead vocals/guitar), Chandler Pope (drums and backing vocals), Josh Bragg (on rhythm guitar and backing vocals) and Ben Nickerson (bass and backing vocals).

Vela Rosa have found their feet after a challenging start on recording their first album, and have chosen a “jam it out” approach where each band member can improvise their own contribution to any song.

Of their new album “Run In Colour”, lead singer Wyatt Clark says:

Though our lives both in and out of Vela Rosa have given us many great and irreplaceable memories and experiences, we all, at one point or another, find ourselves fighting against our own feelings of fear and self-doubt.”

“Gone & Rollin’” further solidifies their presence on the music scene today as unique and very much here to stay.

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Listen to the full album “Run In Colour” to be released on May 21, 2021 here.

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