1st Single ‘Yellow Light’ Out Now
Watch Video Here! 


Like most bands and musicians, Small Town Artillery had a different 2020 in mind when they started off the year. After releasing their Bright Side Bandits EP on March 6th, Small Town Artillery embarked on an epic Cross-Canada Tour that was months in the making, and were met with controversy and show cancellations on the prairies due to their political views. And just days later, after barely catching their breath from all of the social media trolling and media attention this brought, the band had to cancel their entire tour due to COVID-19. To say things aren’t going according to plan this year would definitely be an understatement.

So….cut to a brand new plan! Following the release of their Bright Side Bandits EP last month, Small Town Artillery have another EP coming out on May 7th. A Knock At The Door is the 2nd of 4 EPs that the band plan to release this year. It’s the 2nd chapter in a story of growth.The rat-tat-tat of new information. The wider view you didn’t see. Having your principles challenged, tested, tilted. Standing for what you believe in while being open to the beliefs of others. ‘Work’ is an ode two-fold – the long road of the touring band mirroring the long road of personal development while ‘Modern Man’ calls for the accountability of all men and male-identifying people, as much a reminder for the band themselves as for others. Out today, the first single ‘Yellow Light’ is about the barriers preventing us from growth and self-actualization.

“After our entire Canadian Tour went down in a roaring ball of fire, I did an about face and found some work and a place to isolate through family connections on Pender Island, living in a remote cabin with a workshop,” says lead vocalist Tom van Deursen.  “We had planned a music video for another song that could no longer be made given the proximity dangers with COVID-19. And with the nucleus of the band spread far apart, it became apparent that if we were going to stick with our release schedule, we’d need to improvise. This song, ‘Yellow Light’ is about the barriers that stand in the way of self-actualization. It all hit me at once – the H.G. Wells words “adapt or perish” – and I was thinking about the heartbreaking divide and anger we saw between ways of thinking as our shows were cancelled on the prairies earlier this year. And honestly, I needed a friend. So, I made the video in one day, in isolation. From a 7AM coffee and a scribbled storyboard on a piece of 1×8, through to a 10PM finished edit. I hope it lands where it needs to.”

Originally from Kaslo, British Columbia, and now based out of Vancouver, Small Town Artillery are often described as a ‘Rock band with a horn section’. To spin up a sonic image of the group, imagine if Billy Talent and Rage Against The Machine met up with Cat Empire and Bruce Springsteen, and wrote an album about the world. Founding members and blood brothers, Tom and Derek van Deursen, have been playing together for 20 years, realizing a lifelong brotherhood dream of seeing the world through their own music.

Small Town Artillery’s new single ‘Yellow Light’ is available today on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services. Their new EP will be available on all digital platforms on May 7th. For more information, please visit: smalltownartillery.com