“I had a lot of fun writing “Up To Me” – the quicker tempo pushed me to be inventive with melody and challenged me to tell a story without crowding the space with too many words.”

There’s just something about stepping out of your comfort zone – the result is pure quality. This is exactly what happened to Asha Gold with “Up To Me”: she ventured off into a new room of creativity to produce new colours. As we are highly committed to her older work, we had no doubt “Up To Me” would be a hit, but it also turned out to be a blessing. This track deals with adult troubles in the most light-hearted way, playfully blasé, it is our new life motto.

“The lyrics encapsulate a sort of playful nostalgia: it’s about growing up and entering the real world, and therefore losing the freedom to carelessly spend hours upon hours with my favourite people.”

What better way to capture all of our hearts than by giving us something relatable?! Asha Gold gets everything right, it’s like she’s right there reading our minds – only thing is she expresses thoughts beautifully rather than bottling them up like most people do. Honestly, we’d be happy to have half of her talent: her delivery is effortless, and while “Up To Me” displays an innocent energy, she is extremely clever with the production choices and lyrics. What a skillful pop queen!

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