The UK house act D:Ream is set to return to the music scene with their first album in 14 years, OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS. The first single from this release, ‘Meet Me At Midnight’ is set to drop on the 16th April.

D:Ream returned to the public consciousness during the pandemic when their hit song, ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ became an anthem for Nottingham’s residents as they blasted it when clapping for key workers each week. The song could be heard more than two miles away. D:Ream frontman Pete Cunnah was sent a video of the song being played in Nottingham by a friend. “I got shivers. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” he told BBC Radio Nottingham. “You do your thing and make a record for all the clubbers in the early 90s to dance to, and the next thing everyone’s hanging out of windows singing it during a crisis. I was in tears.”

Formed by DJ Alan Mckenzie and singer-songwriter Pete Cunnah in early 1990, D:Ream are one of the UK’s most successful house music acts. Now, after a 14-year long hiatus, the duo have been back in the studio working on new material which is set for release in the summer – just in time for (fingers crossed) nightclubs to re-open!

Reminding you what it means to be alive, Pete Cunnah and Al McKenzie return after more than a decade with a unique mix of club-kick and real song arrangement that, combined with the uplifting dreamy sound of choirs & heavenly vocals, produces powerful and exhilarating anthems. Their recordings have always absorbed the energy, the love, the recklessness and the frustration of all the children of London’s pleasure scenes.

OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS is released on the 23rd of July 2021, just in time for a summer of freedom and dancing, and is led by the dream-like single ‘Meet Me At Midnight’ which is released 16th April 2021 on Radar Music via Sony Orchard.