In his new track ‘Struck,’ Tyler Levs explores a longing for reciprocated love. The Maine-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter has created a melodic alternative pop which is just a taste of his upcoming EP being released on February 25th. Back in 2019 Tyler quit his full-time job to pursue a career in his one true love – music and hopes to connect and inspire those who want to one day do the same. 

Tyler Levs on the meaning behind the track – ‘Struck is about seeing that special person for the first time, obsessing over them and hoping that they feel the same way as you do. It’s meant to capture that moment of being completely enamored with someone.’  

Tyler Levs grew up in a small town in Maine, and whilst no one else in his family were musically inclined he had a passion for music for as long as he could remember. At age 13 Tyler ditched playing the trumpet for a guitar which he deemed as being much cooler and hasn’t looked back since. The idea of progression and that music is a never-ending journey fuels Tyler’s devotion often finding that it can always be improved upon. He is self-taught, although not by choice and would one day like to get proper training. In terms of his musical inspiration, Tyler often relates to a story, a feeling, a memory or a specific moment in life whilst other times it can be a word, phrase or guitar chord. 

Music consumes so much of Tyler’s life that without it he wouldn’t be here today. Even his downtime activities are often musically oriented, he relaxes by listening to different genres of music letting himself get fully immersed in the sound and lyrics; Otherwise, he relaxes with his girlfriend and cats watching films. 

Tyler continues to write, record and perform on his live streams on Twitch (the popular live streaming platform owned by Amazon) and has additionally started picking up live local shows and contests. 

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