It’s a hectic time in the busy life of alt pop talent Giulia. Following the release of her intergalactic visual for track ‘Trippin’, Giulia has flew out to NYC and she gears up for new music in the US ahead of 2020. 

Following the success of her sultry alt pop release ‘Trippin’, Italian enigma Giulia has now released its accompanying music video, an intergalactic exploration of love and desire. Set in space, the video features cosmic visuals, spaceship motifs, and Giulia’s commandingly enthralling stage presence.

The video is a work of art as much as it is a music video, and once again shows the dexterity and versatility of this young artist. Moments of interstellar space travel are juxtaposed with sections of ethereal and otherworldly dance and movement to create a multi-faceted music video. Giulia remains the focal point of the video throughout, and her mesmeric eye contact straight down the camera lens is as beguiling as it is enthralling.

Following some seriously important meetings over in America, Giulia’s social media is stacking up with dreamy posts of the singer in the States during the holiday season. However, it will soon be back to work for Giulia are the new musical year approaches. 

Check out ‘Trippin’ here.