Superstar Giulia (of ‘Trippin’ fame) has proven that even in the wake of global upheaval, there is no stopping the chameleon-like evolution of fashion and trends. Giulia revealed, in a recent Instagram post in which she is posing next to one of her horses (with the exact same hair colour!) that she has taken the plunge and gone chestnut red!


She’s not alone. At-home haircuts and new styles have been rampant throughout the whole of quarantine, with some of the more adventurous among us even going so far as to shave our heads as a form of whiling away the hours at home. Whilst Giulia hasn’t gone quite this far, keeping her luscious locks firmly atop her head, it’s clear that it was time for a change, so out with the ombre and in with the chestnut it is!


Check out Giulia’s previous video for ‘Trippin’ below, whilst we wait patiently for parts two and three, sure to come soon once we’re all allowed out of the house again!