One of four members of the well respected STAYOUTLATE collective, Tremayne has been releasing music with fellow artistes Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf, most recently with their 2021 debut album the show stopping and aptly named Fabergé. 

Riding on the back of this momentous drop, 2022 has Tremayne ready to share what he’s quietly been working on. Dripping with confidence and integrity, ‘Total Fucking Darkness’ was the first slice of attitude. Punctuated with Tremaynes prolific energy, ‘Daddy Issues’ keeps the dial moving, captivating the listener from the very beginning. 

Quick to make his next move, with second 2022 single ‘Daddy Issues’ featuring Backxwash and fellow label mate Charlie Noiir. A collaboration of epic proportions, Tremayne has solidified his dynamic return with power, intrigue and authority, commanding attention, left, right and centre. All eyes are on him as he delivers yet another potent punch of musical prowess. 

“I definitely want to highlight Backxwash as being a hero on this song as her ability to give such a confident and powerful take on her perseverance in her parental experience is inspiring. A strong and important take away I want listeners to have is to not be afraid, ashamed or too proud to vocalize and work through topics like these. A lot of shit can change and people can heal from a simple conversation” – Tremayne


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