Toronto hip hop artist & songwriter, Charlie Noiir has released ‘Poltergeist’, the second incredible single in the run-up to his debut solo album, the follow up to the STAYOUTLATE collective EP, FABERGÉ and the ‘Northern Bars’ featured single, ‘REASONS’, released last month. The ‘Poltergeist’ single is set to be accompanied by a release of a Shak Chandra directed music video on October 11th.


Known for his fierce, braggadocious, party-starting anthems, Charlie Noiir adopts a more measured approach with ‘Poltergiest’, offering fans a contemplative and introspective track inspired by the likes of Trippe Redd and Juice World. Tinged with sadness, yet airy and ambient, Charlie bravely dissects his relationship with music, family, love and legacy on this Zepfire produced record.


“Wrote this song on one of those days when people were asking me if I was okay and my answer was a lie. If you’re wondering right now though, I’m in a bless space and that’s on big bro. ‘Poltergeist’ is my next offering to y’all. My hope is that it encourages everyone who hears it to push through whatever holds them back…”

Charlie Noiir


Like many creatives, Charlie Noiir used his art as a conduit to explore the nature of his closest relationships; the people around him, the state of his mental health, his pursuit of love, success and happiness. 


Laced with subtle symbolism and cryptic meaning, the music video sees Charlie touch on poignant themes of solitude, longing and angst. Introduced by a dimly lit, clouded room, the imagery within the music video exists as a physical manifestation of Charlie’s mental state at the time; hazy, dark and uncertain, whilst the clock represents lost time and the feeling of never having enough of it. When Charlie breaks the clock, it represents a moment of release or “breaking free”. At the very end of the video, Charlie Noiir is pictured walking into the sunset and this moment can be perceived as him walking towards the light, walking towards a new day, and hopefully a better tomorrow. 


Penned whilst Charlie was in a particularly contemplative space in his life, writing ‘Poltergeist’ offered him a much-needed means of catharsis having been through the ups and downs of the last 365+ days of the pandemic. 


Composed to uplift, the breezy and melodic synth and hi-hat fuelled production presents the perfect canvas for Charlie Noiir to allow his listeners a rare glimpse into his soul, through his eyes and through his words, all while navigating these subjects with an endearing level of self-awareness and sincerity. 


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