Roots-rocker Tony Baltimore had made a name for himself as one of the most hard-working musicians in the Key West area, sometimes playing up to 8 shows a week. Now back with his new album ‘Let’s All Go Insane’ Tony’s professionalism shines on an album packed full of impressive songwriting and tight musicianship.

Tony’s five piece band: Baltimore – Vocals/Guitar, Marjory Lee – Background vocals, Michael Walker (Bass), Jerome Maffeo (Drums), Matt Backer – Guitars appear across the album showcasing their talents while appearances from Ken Fradley (Trumpet) and Martin O’Horse (Violin) serve to give the already sparkling collection of tracks an extra lift. From the upbeat, almost ska-influenced with it’s use of trumpet title track ‘Let’s All Go Insane’, to the more muted, emotional and thoughtful affairs ‘Fly Alone’ and the beautiful male/ female duet ‘Window Pane’, the album covers a lot of ground.

Full of really well-thought-out, sometimes humorous lyrics and excellent moments of instrumentation, including a couple of sublime guitar and violin solos (in fact, a lot of the tracks have a lovely little guitar break), ‘Let’s All Go Insane’ is well worth a listen.

Check it out for yourself below: