Tonner is a genre blending artist looking to break through the everlasting mould all artists face. He’s doing well so far, seeing TikTok fame to his name already and has crafted together his own unique pop encompassing sound.

New single ‘Volcano’ is a melancholic and floaty pop that will grab your attention immediately. Full of surprises and little subtle production tricks throughout, Tonner showcases his vocal prowess and effortless ease of finding a melody that sticks. Check out this fun-filled modern day pop gem now.


Tonner says on ‘Volcano’:

“The lyrics for this song are directly inspired by the fires on the Gulf of Mexico last year. Living in Florida influences me in a lot of ways consciously and subconsciously, and not just musically but in the way I see the world. So the tropical touches are a bit ironic given the subject matter but they also reflect my environment and being very close to the effects of climate change.”


Listen to ‘Volcano’ HERE.