Written by: Melanie Gomez

Tipsy in Chelsea is a 60’s and 70’s inspired pop group consisting of Trish Thompson (vocals), Dean Falcone (guitar/keys/vocals), Blake Parris (bass), and Paul Barrie (drums/percussion).

Interesting enough, these musicians are in a long-distance relationship. And no, we don’t mean as a couple. While Dean lives in New Haven, Connecticut and Trish lives in Atlanta, Georgia, the group still manages to create the music they love. Despite the 961 miles separating them, their music along with their musical influences is what brings them together. And if that doesn’t show the power of music, we don’t know what will.
“We met when our friend died,” said Dean. “I grew up with him, and he moved to Atlanta where he would often perform with Trish. When he passed on, Trish reached out to me to play a tribute for him in Atlanta.”

Off of their EP, Gaslighter, that just came out today, the group released their latest single for “Laugh ‘Til I Cry.” With music that includes woodwinds, strings, brass, and lyrics that implicates feelings of devotion, heartache and memory, you can’t help but connect with the artistry Tipsy in Chelsea provides to the music scene. There’s a sense of calmness and relief while listening to these lounge music inspired tracks.

Lounge music is known for their beautiful music-influenced instrumentals and finding a way to get their listeners to feel part of a particular time and place. With lyrics like, “I trusted you” and “I laughed until I cried,” can’t you not help but remember a time you felt any or both of those emotions?

“The common thread is dealing with the challenges of life,” says Trish. “Dealing with loss of life or love, challenging relationships and confliction with others or yourself.”

Check out the single for “Laugh ‘Til I Cry” below:

To purchase Gaslighter on iTunes, click HERE.

1. Laugh ‘Til I Cry
2. You Are the Sun
3. Fade or Remain
4. Day After Day (Badfinger Cover)
5. Twisted
6. All These Things
7. Precious to Me (Phil Seymour Cover)

Tipsy in Chelsea: