Emerging songstress Hadar Adora is certainly making a name for herself in the EDM, electronica and pop world. Back with vibrant new release ‘Free Zone’, the track was produced by Julian Beatz, Brian White and COMPOSE. With over 573,000 followers on TikTok alone, Hadar is certainly paving the way to become the next worldwide phenomenon. Could we be in the presence of the next Bella Poarch? We think so.

With the previous single ‘Patience’ hitting critical acclaim and appearing in the NBA 2k21 Videogame Soundtrack, the songwriter quickly landed a publishing deal with Big Chune and Prescription Songs (LunchMoney Lewis, Dr. Luke) where she writes for some of the world’s hottest music artists. Set to release a captivating EP this summer, ‘Free Zone’ gives insight to a glistening future ahead for this golden star.

Hadar stands for freedom to be whoever you want, self-love and expression of emotion. Coming from a musical background, Hadar spent her younger years either behind the stage or in a studio. Living and breathing music, this powerful artist is bound to have her name in lights.

Hoping to help listeners through her music, Hadar’s goal is to connect with fans and be the voice of a generation. Destined to be your go-to track when you’re needing inspiration or just something to listen to as you’re getting ready to go out with your friends, ‘Free Zone’ is a feel-good track bound to leave you feeling empowered.

Stream Free Zone HERE.