Slim Sly Slender, the playful musician based in Baltimore, is getting set to release his album Pay to Play with his 4th single release “Tiger Lily.” The quirky, 1990s-style alt-rocker lovingly explores the lives and journeys of three females living in a multi-generational household. The seed of the song is from nicknames that are carried through a lifetime that maybe doesn’t always fit every phase of that person’s life.

“I think that usually a nickname carried on from childhood is a sign of affection although I’m sure some are derogatory and not as endearing as ‘Tiger Lily,'” shares Slim Sly Slender. “I think the lush instrumentation and harmonies of this song are indicative of personal affection of and inspiration from the subject(s) of the song.”

“Tiger Lily” has a bouncy and playful spirit to it that you can only find in Slim Sly Slender’s music. Musically, it’s similar to The Who meets The Beach Boys in the bubbly and lighthearted nature of the song.

Listen here:

Slim was born an artist, and started painting when he was just a kid. Much of his adult life has been spent pursuing his passion for the visual arts until his 2009 musical epiphany. Around this time, he started getting together with his accomplished musician co-workers in a warehouse, playing cover songs. “Painting is so lonely and isolating, and I longed to create in a way that was social,” he recalls. Slim soon found what really excited him was when someone would bring in an original, and the musicians could put their own stamp on the tune. From there, he learned what minimal equipment was needed to make demos and he was off to the races. 

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