Toronto’s pop and RnB chameleon Theo Tams is announcing the release of Trilogy III, featuring the incendiary and upfront focus track, “FBG.”

“FBG” (Fuck Boy Games) embraces self-worth and reaching the point where you no longer allow toxic behaviour in relationships. Its rhythmic hip hop inspired production is spirited yet remains rooted in Tams’ knack for pop hooks.

Featuring the classic flow of rapper Karma Rivera, “FBG” and Trilogy III as a whole represent an unapologetic and bold stride forward in Tams’ career, asserting his confidence as an artist and songwriter.

Trilogy III finds its inspiration from a period of growth and self-reflection for Tams, each track on the EP (including previously released singles, “Tongue Tied” and “I Could Be Hot”) written to call out unacceptable behaviour, whether that be in the music industry or closer to home.

There is freedom in knowing who you are and exactly what you stand for, as well as what you are not willing to tolerate.