New Jersey’s The View From Here bursts into 2022 with their heavy hitting new single and video in tow, “Nostalgia.” Since the inception of the band, they’ve kept true to their roots; writing and performing music that’s fun for them to play, and even more fun for audiences to watch. At their core, The View From Here has steadily had a focus on writing music that was interesting enough for them to go full steam ahead with their musical endeavors.
Throughout the years with the band appreciating a wider range of music beyond rock and metal, they had developed a bit of taste for Pop and Rap music, as they shifted to incorporate all of the music they enjoy.

“Nostalgia is a song that’s meant to bring back the vibe of early 2000s emo/pop punk while giving a breath of fresh air into the genre with driving guitars and modern synths. The vocals are very much a nod to early pop punk and the lyrics tell of a simpler youthful time where one could just live in the moment and treasure being young. The song’s message is one of longing to bring out one’s inner child during the inevitable transition into adulthood.” – The View From Here

For fans of Bilmuri, The Story So Far, Dance Gavin Dance and Taking Back Sunday, The View From Here are carrying the torch in the Alternative scene. Their sound blends elements of Emo, Pop and Punk, creating the ultimate Rock n’ Roll experience.

Always evolving, the band’s sound is best described as nostalgic Emo night music, mixed in with more Modern Technical and Pop Punk sensibilities.

The View From Here is Ben Avila (Guitar), Michael Nobrega (Bass), Dan John (Vocals), Justin Byron (Guitar), and Vince Rifino (Drums). “Nostalgia” was engineered and produced by Nik Bruzzese, with mixing and mastering by Frank Mitaritonna. The video for “Nostalgia” was shot by Eric DiCarlo.

With intelligent, innovative guitar and bass playing, aggressive, dynamic drumming, deeply captivating, and expansive vocals, The View From Here writes cohesive, catchy, and inspiring tunes that make your mind see colors and visions that bring you into a beautiful place worth repeating.

“Nostalgia” is out via all digital outlets today, so be sure to dive right into your new favorite band.