President Street, in releasing their protest track ‘Time Is Up’, have shown their true feelings about the global upheaval that came in 2020. No, we’re not talking about the pandemic, although that was also a feature, but instead the protests we saw across the world to fight for human rights. 


An exuberant melody portrays these opinions in a more positive light, as a celebration of the power and determination of people coming together, instead of despair at the state of the world.


Speaking of the song, President Street said that “We want it to be defiant but also have a sense of joy and hope about it.” This is something reflected in the celebratory carnival-esque nature of the song’s production, Ruby’s uplifting vocal line, and the defiance found in the lyrics themselves.


“Watching the news we were struck by the diversity of people coming together peacefully and so we wanted it to feel like a celebration of people of all colours, age, religions and gender coming together to say that we’ve all had enough, and the time for change is now.”