by: Melanie Gomez

The Psyatics are a three-piece rock n’ roll/garage/punk band from Las Vegas, Nevada consisting of Rob Bell (bass guitar/vocals), Jack Ball (guitar) and Mark Baertschi (drums).  Since forming in 2012, the band has already toured Japan and Western United States.

With five years of experience, The Psyatics released their third and newest full-length album entitled Famous Monsters. The band takes things to the next level with their first song on the album, “Famous Monsters,” being about history’s most infamous serial killers.

The track consists of haunting lyrics such as, “Charlie was a petty thief by trade / The free love movement, soon to be deceased / Through drugs and sex, he managed to persuade / Kids to kill the sixties dreams of peace” and “Henry Lee killed 350 before they tracked him down.”

Although the song has it’s unique and badass edgy sound to it based on what it’s about, the track can somewhat be a bit creepy to sing along to. I mean, we’d be singing about serial killers, right…? Although we wouldn’t personally want to jam out to this and happily sing along, the creativity is there.

Throughout Famous Monsters, listeners can expect to hear a story about ones inner demons and how to conquer them, as well as the band’s tales of the evil acts that people do to each either, as seen in their first track.

Famous Monsters
The Last Time I Saw Julia
Lay Low
Shake Them Bones
You Killed Me First
Burnt Offerings
Pet Names
I Like to Die
The Cost of Love in Todays Market
I Am Slack
Voices in My Head
Missing Piece
I Can’t Stand it

You can check out or purchase “Famous Monsters” below: