Siren is the progressive fusion of rock, metal, and blues band that made a brief appearance in the music industry in the 1980’s. They signed with a German Record Label and their debut album blew up in Europe. They soon broke up after that release, but after nearly 20 years apart, the lead singer Rob Phillips and Mike Cupino recreated the group with new members, including Chris Bonelli on Bass, Chip Gardner on keyboard/organ, and Leo Boland on lead guitar.

They have recently released their newest single, “High Wire,” from their upcoming album Beyond the Rainbow. The song is really catchy and blends classic rock with hard rock. It’s familiar and reminiscent of Radiohead meets Led Zeppelin. The hook is a true hook in that it takes hold of your attention and you find yourself singing and dancing with the melody.

Lyrically speaking, it’s quite well done and poetic in a way that songwriting should be. Rob sings “I see you high up on that wire/ and I went undiscovered,” depicting a clown that pines after the person on the high wire. It is, in fact a big metaphor for the music industry and how labels have all the attention. The clown represents the musician, trying desperately to be seen by the girl on the high wire, who represents the labels within the music industry (the tent). At the end of the song, Rob sings the line “A Clown without a Tear,” representing the clowns success in reaching the high wire girl and walking away from the circus.

“‘High Wire’ initially started as an acoustic piece that I had written and brought to the rest of the band,” shares Rob. “We eventually went in more of a mainstream rock direction that came together very fast. Mike Cupino wrote the bridge section with Chip, our keyboardist. With Mike at the helm engineering, the initial parts of the song were recorded in our studio over a couple of weeks. We brought in guitarist Todd Grubbs to finish out the song. He added a different approach to the song, adding an additional acoustic to the the electric, as well as a very nice signature guitar solo in the bridge.”

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