Building authentic, strong and healthy relationships with other people is perhaps one of the most complex things to navigate as humans.

Did I,” the first single from our debut album, Noise (out November 15th), is an anthem that emerged from the tense and sometimes self loathing feelings that often follow disagreements.

Thank you, Stage Right Secrets, for the official song premiere!

Did I” aims to tell the story of letting go of blame and trying to look inward to find peace and comradery. The track switches between angst and ease as it articulates both the tension and sweetness that comes from living in tandem with others.

Our album, Noise, is a collection of songs written from a place of hope, hilarity, tragedy and questioning. It seeks to engage with the often chaotic experience of human life — whether it’s the noise of the world around us, the internal noise we try to make sense of, or simply the noise we can’t help but make as we fumble our way through our own beautiful journey.

We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to listen to our music! If you enjoy what you’ve heard, please share it with a friend and keep the peace and camaraderie rolling! 😉

The Pairs

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