Indie folk and pop artists, eej, has released her brand new single called “oh haha”. 

Eej is a New York based singer and songwriter, performer and music producer. “Oh haha” is a raw, emotive song about a relationship ending. Eej´s vulnerable lyrics shine through almost like sunshine gently streaming through a window and inspired by artists like Simon and Garfunkel, and Joni Mitchell.

Gentle, waterfall style piano chords, guitar strums and synth in the background further add to this musical landscape reminiscent of 80´s artists Mazzy Star. 

The artist explains: 

“I wrote it after a really tough relationship ended, I was listening to a ton of Elliot Smith (of course), and I couldn´t help but laugh at some of the behavior I put up with. It´s only after time had given me the clarity I needed all along, did I realize how much toxicity I brushed off or dealt with under the heavy blanket of love and abuse.”

Growing up outside Chicago, as a young girl, eej began singing from a young age and performed in school musicals and jazz clubs around the city. At the age of 13, she was featured in a local rapper project called “Beautiful Grind III: The Transformation”. 

Before graduating from high school, she had already released a debut EP called “Shades of Blue”, before moving to New York in 2016 to attend The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. After years of working on her music and refining her vocals, eej is proud to release this new single. 

She worked with her friend Theo Walentiny on this track, who recorded and produced the track. 

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