Blending together sumptuous harmonies and a beautiful musicality in a modern and fresh way to make breakout album ‘Ready To Run’ talented twosome The Luck have returned to the UK ahead of their album launch show at Thousand Island and the records official release on July 26th.

Spending their adolescent years making music as solo artists, brother Max Luck and sister Esmay Luck realised the potential for growth as a duo therefore band The Luck was formed. Spending their time since their formation in 2011 split between England and America, both making new music and performing at recognised venues most notably The Troubadour in LA where at one in the very long line of live history the band have they made acquaintances with Paul Broucek. Known for his role as The President of Music at Warner Brothers Pictures who has a hand in producing the debut record, alongside Ash Howes and Grammy award winning engineer/mixers Ed Cherney and Paul Hicks.

Recorded out in LA ‘Ready To Run’ was born out of a time where the sibling pair were out in the States experiencing what the Americana and Country scene had to offer, as well as socialising with some iconic names in the American music industry. It was around this time where The Luck where inspired to curate their very own music night titled Ventura Nights, respectably named after the famous boulevard Tom Petty sang about. At this event, the duo was able to establish a dedicated following.

Showcasing the pairs creative flair for song writing tracks including ‘If This Is Love’ and ‘Place In The Sun’ tackle often overlooked, taboo or hidden subject matters amongst society. From facing one selves inner demons head on to the emptiness of feeling lost, through their beautifully told lyrical stories Max and Esmay handle these challenging problems maturely and sensibly.

Demonstrating the duos vocal and instrumental dexterity songs such as ‘Ready To Run’, ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Tomorrow Turned To Yesterday’ are all anthems in their own right. Throughout all three tracks the talent on display is undeniable as Esmays powerful vocals, the pairs smooth harmonies and altogether the emotive musicality is what makes The Luck’s debut album ‘Ready To Run’ a record worth listening to.